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The Present

The Present

It eatures a stellar lineup of surfing legends. Dave Rastovich’s seamless maneuvers, Dane Reynolds’ dynamic surges, Joel Tudor’s classic poise, and Sofia Malenovich’s graceful rides set the stage.


It delves beyond the competitive world, instead focusing on the pure joy and endless possibilities of riding waves.

Sprout main
The Seedling

The Seedling

A documentary chronicling the adventures of a dedicated group of California surfers. Dive deep into the world of these talented individuals.

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Mark R

“As someone who grew up shredding waves on a longboard back in the day, ‘The Seedling’ brought back a flood of amazing memories. The grainy 16mm film perfectly captures the timeless aesthetic of classic surfing. Watching those California legends like Devon Howard and Joel Tudor glide effortlessly across waves on their logs was pure magic. It’s a reminder that surfing isn’t just about tricks and crazy maneuvers; it’s about connecting with the ocean and finding that perfect flow. Plus, seeing Skip Frye and Donald Takayama in the film felt like a real treat – these guys are true pioneers of the sport. If you appreciate the elegance and grace of classic surfing, ‘The Seedling’ is a must-watch!”

Mark R., San Diego, CA

Sarah J

“I spend most of my year chasing waves around the world, and ‘Sprout’ totally captured that adventurous spirit! The film takes you on a stunning journey across some of the most iconic surf spots, from the lush tropics of Sri Lanka to the rugged coastline of Morocco. It was amazing to see how surfers adapt their styles to different waves and environments. Whether it’s Kassia Meador carving lines on a longboard or Ozzy Wright ripping on a shortboard, the film showcases the incredible diversity within the sport. ‘Sprout’ is a real celebration of surfing’s global reach and the incredible community that surrounds it.”

Sarah J., Byron Bay, Australia

David L.

“I love watching surf movies, but ‘The Seedling’ and ‘Sprout’ offered something more. These films go beyond just showcasing amazing waves and tricks. They delve deeper into the heart of surfing culture, exploring the passion, dedication, and respect for the ocean that surfers share. ‘The Seedling’ beautifully portrays the camaraderie among California’s log riding community, while ‘Sprout’ highlights the global spirit of adventure that unites surfers everywhere. Plus, the use of 16mm film adds a unique visual touch, giving the films a nostalgic and intimate feel. Overall, these documentaries are a must-watch for anyone who loves surfing, the ocean, or just a well-crafted story.”

David L., Vancouver, Canada

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