“The Present”: A Cinematic Journey in Surfing

A New Wave in Film Production

Hello, ocean enthusiasts and thrill-seekers! Tomas Campbell here, excited to unveil our latest cinematic creation. Following “Sprout,” we’ve poured our passion into a new film, “The Present.” More than a mere movie, this odyssey celebrates surfing’s soul, the unity of its community, and the sport’s stunning allure.

The Cast: Titans of the Tide

“The Present” features a stellar lineup of surfing legends. Dave Rastovich’s seamless maneuvers, Dane Reynolds’ dynamic surges, Joel Tudor’s classic poise, and Sofia Malenovich’s graceful rides set the stage. Joining them are C.J. Nelson, Ry Craike, Devon Howard, Dan Malloy, Harrison Roach, Jacob Stath, Chelsea Gorgenson, Chris Del Moro, Michelle Junod, Ian King, Denny Hess, Alex Knost, and Rob Machado. Together, they weave a narrative rich with diverse perspectives, united by their love for the waves.

The Present Filming Expedition

We charted a course around the world, basking in the glow of West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, and reveling in the golden sands of California and the mystical seas of Sumatra and Java. We selected each site for its distinctive surf and culture, ensuring “The Present” resonates with genuine surfing spirit.

Anticipate the Premiere of The Present at Your Local Theatre

Prepare for “The Present” to surge into coastal theatres from March to May in the U.S. This film embodies the essence of surfing and honors the communities that cherish its legacy. VAS Entertainment is set to share this tribute with the world, backed by Patagonia’s generous support and media endorsements from Surfing Magazine in the USA and Monster Children in Australia.

Your enthusiasm and backing mean the world to us. Keep an eye out for more updates, exclusive previews, and tour details. In the meantime, let’s hope the currents flow in your favor.

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