Sprout: A 16mm Exploration of Surfing’s Diverse Delights

A Celebration of Every Wave, Every Board

“Sprout,” a captivating documentary by Thomas Campbell, isn’t your typical surf film. It delves beyond the competitive world, instead focusing on the pure joy and endless possibilities of riding waves. The film’s title, “An Exploration Into the Riding of Water Mountains and Mole Hills,” perfectly captures its spirit. Every wave, whether a towering giant or a gentle roller, presents a chance for exploration and connection with the ocean.

A Kaleidoscope of Boards and Styles

Sprout showcases the incredible diversity within surfing culture. We see surfers like Joel Tudor and Kassia Meador mastering the classic grace of longboards. Dan Malloy and Devon Howard carve elegant lines on traditional “fish” shapes. Ozzy Wright and Kelly Slater demonstrate the lightning-fast maneuvers possible on modern shortboards. Even alternative craft like “eggs” find their place in this celebration of variety.


Captured on “Sprout” Film

Filmed entirely on evocative 16mm film, “Sprout” takes viewers on a breathtaking journey across the globe. From the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka to the rugged beauty of Morocco, the film captures the unique character of each location. We witness surfers like Gerry Lopez and Rob Machado shredding perfect waves in Indonesia and Costa Rica. California, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Mexico all contribute to the film’s tapestry of surfing styles and stunning landscapes.

A Stellar Cast of Surfing Royalty in “Sprout”

Sprout boasts an impressive lineup of surfers, both past and present. Legends like Skip Frye and Mike Stewart share the screen with modern stars like Dane Peterson and Belinda Bags. The film also features Alex Knost, CJ Nelson, Maureen Drummy, Dave Rastovich, Dane Perlee, Monica Rose, Tracey Marshall, Mark Cunningham, and Tyler Hatzikian. Their combined talent and passion create a vibrant portrait of the surfing community.

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